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Hopster Connect transforms traditional media into mobile experiences, allowing CPG brands to engage in direct conversations with consumers along the entire path to purchase.

Who We Serve

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is unique. Brands must navigate the complexity of identifying and communicating with the end-consumer, the nuances of retailer relationships and the need to close the loop to understand sales at a household level. We get it. And that’s why we’ve built our technology, tools and team specifically for CPG brands.

How It Works

Hopster has built a real-time mobile engagement platform that empowers brand marketers to link traditional media with personalized brand experiences.

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Through the use of mobile connectors like SMS, QR codes, NFC or Shazam®, CPG brands can leverage the Hopster Connect platform to link shoppers with a fun and interactive branded mobile experience. Each interaction can be customized to include recipes, nutritional information, coupons, videos or any of the over 50 engagement experiences available through Hopster Connect.


Engage With Your Consumers

Whether you want to engage via Facebook, product reviews, videos or surveys, Hopster Connect lets you customize a mobile experience to engage directly with your consumers wherever they are. Through our real-time management platform, you can choose from over 50 different engagement plug-ins customized for CPG brands.

Identify Shoppers at the Household-Level

Hopster Connect gives you access to unprecedented, real-time household-level data on who is engaging and interacting with your paid media. By identifying the individual you can use data to analyze specific user patterns and target your future campaigns based on demographics, geography and purchase data.

Create Actionable CRM Strategies

With the ability to identify individual consumers, you can build actionable CRM strategies to remarket, cross-sell and build loyalty. Hopster Connect allows you to effectively segment your consumers so you can move consumers from product trial to brand advocate.

Measure Ad Effectiveness

Hopster’s proprietary coupon solution is directly integrated into Hopster Connect, giving marketers the ability to attribute product sales, across all retailers at the household level. Armed with proven buying data, CPG brands can generate measurable ROI and drive marketing efficiency from traditional offline advertising.

About Us

Hopster is a marketing technology company that uses personalized coupons to drive consumer engagement and sales attribution through mobile solutions, custom experiences and a consumer distribution channel, Hopster.com.

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